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Enjoy to Play the Noughts and Crosses Extreme Game

Play Tic Tac Toe game under Extreme playing rules. Welcome to Noughts and Crosses, the Extreme reworked version of the old classic game for 2 players. As always, the rule of playing is to place Noughts and Crosses in turn-based gameplay, but the extreme twist is that the entire environment changes once in a while. Start playing a simple 3×3 squared game for two players, before the playing borders extend to 5×5 square board, then to 5×9, then the entire game screen flips over, then some marked tiles explode in pieces, then they are well stacked to ground, which hopefully will end with crowning the player with most wins as ultimate winner!

Read First the Instructions to Play this Noughts and Crosses Extreme Game

Use the Mouse to click on empty squares and add noughts or crosses. Make diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines of 3 adjacent noughts or crosses, in order to win the current battle.

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